Dr. Shefali Shah D.M.D.

Dr. Shefali Shah graduated from Southern Illinois University of Dental Medicine in 2013. One of the very few students chosen to be a part of the Combined Baccalaureate in Biology/Doctorate in Dentistry Program, Dr. Shah accelerated her way into her dental profession. Dr. Shah has been practicing general dentistry and providing comprehensive care to her patients for four years. As a visionary, she has enhanced her expertise by expanding into multiply branches of dentistry including 6 Month Smile orthodontics and implants surgeries. Currently, Dr. Shah is focusing on immediate dental implants, CT guided full arch implant surgeries, and implant supported prosthetics. She is also pursuing Botox and dermal fillers to provide patients with comprehensive, cosmetic care. Dr. Shah is a member of the AAFE, ADA, and AGD.

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