Dentures &
Partial Dentures in the Belvidere/Rockford Area

A Quick and Simple Method For Restoring Your Smile

Tooth loss is a common problem, affecting over 178 million Americans, that can be a hindrance to your self-esteem and everyday life. You need a complete set of teeth to eat comfortably, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. If you need a quick, simple way to restore your smile, dentures may be an excellent temporary solution.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are dental restorations that are usually made of acrylic resin or plastic modeled to look like and replace your natural teeth. They’re easily removable and rely on natural suction, clips, or adhesives to remain in your mouth, where they rest comfortably on your gums. Dentures come in two forms: complete dentures which are used to replace entire arches of teeth, and partial dentures, sometimes called bridges, which are designed to replace some of the teeth in an arch.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can offer several important benefits to patients with missing teeth, including:

  • Easy to use
  • Available with optional implants for a more secure fit
  • Can completely restore your smile
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to eat with fewer restrictions
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Easy to qualify for

The Denture Process


Before receiving dentures, you’ll attend an initial consultation with one of our dentists. During the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and review your medical history to assess your level of oral health. They’ll also discuss available sedation dentistry options with you and ask you about your oral health goals. The information they gather will allow them to determine if you’re a candidate for dentures.

Designing Your Dentures

To design your dentures, we’ll take images and impressions of your mouth and any remaining teeth you have. These images and impressions will be sent to an offsite laboratory where technicians will use them as blueprints for creating your new dentures.

The timeline for when you’ll receive either kind of denture restoration depends on a number of factors including whether you opt for immediate dentures that are ordered in advance, or conventional dentures that are made after any necessary extractions take place.


To prepare your mouth for your dentures, your dentist may need to extract certain teeth that would interfere with the denture’s placement. In the case of partial dentures, your restoration can be crafted to fit around these teeth, so no extractions should be necessary.

Placing Your Dentures

You’ll return to our Belvidere, IL office to have your dentures placed once the lab has finished crafting them. Your dentures should adhere to your gums fairly easily and without any pain. Your dentists will make sure your dentures fit comfortably and you’ll be able to leave Chapko & Shah Modern Dentistry with your new smile.

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