Tooth Colored Fillings

What are tooth colored fillings?

Fast, Effective Cavity Repair

Bonded, tooth-colored restorations also known as composite restorations have stood the test of time, and they are still the best restoration for small cavities!

For years dentists placed amalgam or silver fillings composed primarily of a 50/50 blend of silver and mercury. First, the dentist would remove the decay, then the dentist would deepen, widen, and undercut the opening into the tooth just so that the silver filling would not fall out of the tooth.

Bonded, tooth-colored restorations or composite fillings can bond to the tooth – even to a flat surface – so the dentist can place a very conservative restoration removing just the decayed and weakened tooth and preserving more of your healthy tooth structure.

Some dentists are still placing amalgams or silver/mercury fillings. Our office prefers bonded, tooth-colored composite fillings when a bonded restoration is the best solution. Over time, amalgam or silver/mercury fillings act just like any metal and they expand and contract as the temperature of your mouth changes such as when you have a cold or hot drink. This can cause fractures in the adjacent tooth structure requiring replacing the filling or restoration with an even larger, deeper filling, or with a crown. Tooth-colored composite restorations are more technique sensitive to place and are generally more time consuming then the older amalgam or silver/mercury fillings. But isn’t it worth it? Aren’t your teeth worth it? We haven’t even touched on the fact that the mercury found in all amalgam or silver fillings is a poison and who wants this in their mouth!

Composite resin fillings are precisely shaded to match the smile’s natural appearance blending seamlessly. The material is not sensitive to changes in temperature, and it is directly applied to the prepared tooth without any bonding material between the natural structure and restoration. Tooth-colored fillings are applied directly to the tooth, shaped, and hardened into position all in just one visit.

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